Please use the following information to help you decide what size to order when purchasing bangles or rings.


How to measure your ring size

If you already own a ring or can obtain one from the person that you are buying the ring for, simply measure the inside diameter of the ring and match the size to the chart. If you don’t have a ring, measure the intended ring finger with a strip of paper and match the measurement to the chart.

Tips for measuring your ring size

  • If using a ring to measure, ensure that you select a ring that fits the intended ring finger.
  • If measuring a finger, measure towards the end of the day when the finger is warm. When your fingers are cold there can be up to half a size difference.
  • Rings that have a thicker band feel tighter than those that have a thinner band. If buying a thicker band, look to buy a full ring size bigger to allow room for movement.
  • Your ring should always fit comfortably on your finger without any fear of it falling off.

Bangles and Cuffs

Bangles are made round and oval, in Small, Medium and Large. Extra Small (55mm) and Extra Large (75mm) will always be made to order.  I would be very happy to make them to your own size requirements, and also in different thicknesses of silver and different finishes so please do get in touch with your ideas. 

They are designed to be worn loose and fit comfortably on your wrist, but not so loose that they slide off easily. They should feel a little tight when putting them on over your hand.  To determine your size, you can squeeze your thumb and fingers together as if putting on a bangle and then measure the widest point with a tape measure. If you are between sizes, its usually best to go up rather than down to the nearest size.

Oval bangles are measured in the same way, they are just shaped differently when finished.

Standard sizes for round bangles are (internal diameter):

Small:              60mm

Medium:          65mm

Large:              70mm

Necklaces and Pendants

I choose the chains that I feel best compliment my pendants and the price takes this into account.  If you have seen a different chain elsewhere on the site that you like, please contact me before completing your purchase to see if I have this in stock and to check the price.  There is usually an option for 16 inch and 18 inch chains and these are the same price.  20 inch chains or longer will be a little more.

Necklace Size Guide

Please feel free to contact me with any queries as to sizing, or any other questions you may have.  I am always happy to discuss and advise.