Turquoise Earrings


Turquoise Earrings

  • 925 sterling silver
  • Turquoise matrix cabochons
  • Approximately 14mm square
  • 3.1mm drop
  • Individually handmade
  • one only
  • Available to ship in 2 -3 working days

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turquoise earrings.these earringsare made with 14mm square turquoise cabochons and set in sterling silver. they have a drop of about 3.2 cm and hand on sterling silver shepherd hooksThese turquoise earrings are made with two 14mm square turquoise cabochons set into a sterling silver open bezel.  This means the beauty of the stone can also be seen from the back.  They have a drop of just over 3cm and make quite a statement with their beautiful matrix pattern.  Turquoise is loved for its timeless beauty, encompassing colours and patterns beyond the traditional blue and green hues. The presence of these sometimes quite intricate matrices adds depth and character to this enchanting gem.

Some say that turquoise symbolises wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune and loyalty. The wearer of this beautiful gemstone  is said to be calm, creative, emotional balanced and spiritually grounded.

These are a one off so if you would like me to make something similar for you, please do contact me for a no-obligation chat about what you have in mind.