Nugget Pendant with Topaz


This nugget is approximately 10mm diameter x 3mm and is flush set with a lovely bright 5mm Kashmir blue Swarovski faceted topaz.  It has a gentle polished finish, organic on the front and uneven on the back.  The pendant shown in the picture is the actual one you will receive.  Just choose your preferred chain length.

Dispatch within three working days.

Topaz is traditionally the birthstone for November.  It comes in a variety of hues from colourless to many shades of blue, yellow, orange, pink violet, brown and rarely, red.  Topaz is associated with strength, believed to thwart magic spells and dispel anger and has been said to assure the wearer of long life, beauty and intelligence.

If you would like a different stone to represent your own birth month, do get in touch and I can design and make something specially for you.

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These are very pretty and understated nugget pendants.  I form the Nugget Pendant with Topaz from fine (999) silver into lovely organic shapes and then flush set a gemstone a little off-centre which adds to the individuality of each one.  They look charming and delicate whether worn on their own or with other pendants.  Each one will be a little different in shape, size and stone and for this reason I am showing them all individually.  Part of their charm is the natural unrefined surface of the silver.  I make some with a matt finish and some with a polished pitted finish, although the nugget itself usually tells me how it wants to be finished.

If you would like a nugget pendant made specially for you with the stone of your choice, please do contact me.  Delivery time for a specially made nugget will depend upon sourcing the stone, but would normally be up to two weeks.  So if you see your choice in stock, grab it!

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Chain Length

16 inch, 18 inch